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Hello I’m Matthew Faulder. What Brings You Here?

Matthew Faulder Welcome MascotMatthew Faulder is an award-winning designer solving creative problems for registered charities, voluntary organisations and not-for-profit groups across the Univers. That was a font joke.

As a sector specialist Matthew is well placed to add some zap to fundraising materials, whip a campaign into shape or rivet ironclad branding and military-spec corporate identity to a project before she sets sail.

I Gather You’re Interested?

Whether your promotional and exhibition materials are looking a little tired, whether your mark and branding is a little wheezy and decrepit or whether you need some unique ideas for a unique campaign, Matthew Faulder can help.

Doing global good costs his non-profit and charity clients a bundle so Matthew has to offer extremely competitive pricing to ensure any investment pays back big time.

In it for the money? Motivated by moolah? Don’t panic, dear reader! The same rates are available to socially responsible businesses.

Email Matthew to get the ball rolling – he’s really looking forward to finding out about some of your projects.

Matthew Faulder Bow Tie Graphic

Bespoke Tailoring

Matthew designs exclusively for his clients. He would never indulge in an extended ego trip or stylistic wigout.

Clients can look forward to a speedy turnaround and as much or little collaboration as they desire.

Matthew Faulder Specs Graphic

Genuine Geekery

Matthew holds real qualifications in vision science and full membership of the British Psychological Society.

He can confidently give you a scholarly explanation on why something tickles those eyeballs.

Matthew Faulder Extras Graphic

Unexpected Extras

Matthew has a broad hinterland meaning that he can offer significantly more to a project than your garden-variety designer.

He’s always happy to fill in any of your creative blanks.