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Famous Last Words: Frederick Valentich

Famous Last Words: Frederick Valentich

Today’s entry into the “Famous Last Words” project takes the form of the last recorded transmission of an Aussie aviator named Frederick Valentich.

In October 1978 a 20-year-old Valentich was piloting a light aircraft over the Bass Strait when a strange green-glowing object appeared in pursuit. Before contact with Melbourne air traffic control was broken, he radioed in a brief description of his mystery bogey:

“It is hovering and it’s not an aircraft.”

Frederick never reached his destination and his famous last words fuel speculation that his plane was brought down or beamed up by the unidentified flying object he called in before disappearing.

The typeface in use here (let’s get back to the point of the project) is the rather wonderful Bello Pro. Hopefully the illustration captures some of the other-worldly theories about the disappearance of Frederick Valentich.

Famous Last Words Fred Valentich

I revisited this piece after reading up on the Roswell Incident, specifically the “Alien Hieroglyphs” that show up in reports of the UFO wreckage. The version below adds these symbols to the plain areas. I’m not a fan of plain areas!

Valentich Last Words Roswell Symbols

Tell me what you think of the project so far in the comments section of this post. If you have any “out of this world” suggestions for quotes, type or anything else feel free to share those too.

Keep watching the blog… and the skies!

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