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Famous Last Words: Project Intro & FDR

Famous Last Words: Project Intro & FDR

As a creative copy maven, I’m obsessed with words and letterforms.

As a maverick designer, I often run into situations where my stranger, wackier or more off the wall ideas can’t obviously be shoe-horned into a strict set of brand guidelines.

Both of these ingredients were minced, mixed together and piped carefully into a sausage case. The resulting bargain basement banger became the “Famous Last Words” project.

“Famous Last Words” will hopefully see new entires each time I’m unable to get a lurid palette or unusual typeface choice past an unimaginative client or whenever I’m expected to demonstrate how a harebrained scheme could work in real life.

The first addition to the project is the last utterance of Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

“I have a terrific headache…”

The typefaces employed here are Council and Slim Tony:

Famous Lat Words FDR

There will hopefully be many further additions to this project so watch this space for more last lexemes.

If you have any “dead good” suggestions for “Famous Last Words” please let me know via a comment.

I’ll do my best to “grim reap-ay” the favour!

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