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Famous Last Words: Victor Morrow

Famous Last Words: Victor Morrow

Today’s entry into the “Famous Last Words” project comes courtesy of Victor Morrow, an American actor who met a nasty end on the set of the early ’80s blockbuster Twilight Zone: The Movie.

In this particular serving from the silver screen Vic takes the role of an embittered racist catapulted through time and dropped into the shoes of the persecuted, including the improvised sandals of a jungle-dwelling civilian during the Vietnam War.

During the filming of this sequence a hovering helicopter was damaged by on set pyrotechnics, lost control and crashed into the actors standing below. Just before being simultaneously crushed and decapitated, Morrow uttered the immortal line:

“I should’ve asked for a stunt double.”

Entertaining until the bitter end.

The bits below illustrate the events around Morrow’s death. The fonts in use are Sundowners and Calgary Script. For me “The Twilight Zone” is forever rooted in the early ’60s so these typefaces and the washy pastel (not quite pastel) colour scheme shown below were chosen to evoke this particular era.

Vic Morrow Famous Last Words Pastel

A more ’80s flavour has been injected into this “Lurid” version by introducing neon-bright colours alongside the Reagan-Thatcher-era “sharp rhombi” shapes present on both pieces.

Vic Morrow Famous Last Words Lurid

What should we take away from this foray into Victor Morrow’s last utterance? Always have a zesty one-liner ready for any situation – However grim, however grisly!

Stay tuned for future transmissions from the “Famous Last Words” project… there is no need to adjust your TV set. Yes, I’m well aware that’s the tag line from The Outer Limits. I often get the two shows mixed up.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any detached rotor blade-sharp ideas for future additions to the project or anything else to say about the stuff presented here.

Stay safe and see you soon. If you’re planning on doing something dangerous, do have something snappy ready to air… Just in case!

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