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The A-Z of Video Games

The A-Z of Video Games

Well who’d’ve thought it? A blog update! This update takes a celebratory tone, marking the very day I regained access to the website after locking myself out with some overkill, Edward Snowden-esque security updates.

Today we’re sharing something I completed in a period of downtime – a period that I probably should’ve spent preparing some new portfolio pieces – the A-Z of video games.

Now, this was a surprisingly tough one to complete – have you ever tried to think of a video game for each letter of the alphabet? It’s a challenging task – something akin to an NG+ Orphan of Kos run with suboptimal stats (that’s a massive clue for ‘B’ by the way). Thinking of a suitable candidate for each letter was significantly harder than drawing them out.

I’d be seriously impressed if anyone was able to get all of the letters – let me know your guesses in the comments. Note: I’ll be deleting the correct answers!

Classic white on black – one for fans of contrast. I made sure to play all of these games for – ahem – ‘research purposes’. Even ‘L’. What a massive nerd…

Red and white – my personal favourite and one for fans of the vibrant. I may have played all of these games but I can’t say that I enjoyed all of them – I’m looking at you ‘L’…

Right, that’s enough for now. I’m off to play with the mega-powerful gaming PC I’ve just installed in my office. Believe me, it’s been a productivity master-stroke.

If you’re interested in purchasing this piece as a print (the digital versions here really don’t do it justice) please feel free to get in touch – push start on the conversation here.

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  1. The logo for the U doesn’t actually belong to the original game, it belongs to the engine. The game’s logo isn’t as neat looking.

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