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Selected Work: The Recent & Decent

Matthew Faulder Portfolio MascotMatthew Faulder works primarily in graphic design for branding, mark and identity. He holds an unshakable affection for the tactile, tangible world of print but isn’t afraid of taking to the skies in the digital dirigible.

Throughout his career he’s been called on to embellish projects with quirky illustration and glamorously assist with conjuring designs for the web and myriad gadgetry.

His writing is particularly in demand due to his ability to make any mouldering dead horse seem like a worthy equine investment.

In short, he’s more than happy to turn his hand to any kind of creative brief a client can throw at him.

Bent over backwards is the position he finds himself most comfortable in and he genuinely relishes working to a super-tight deadline.

The hand-picked pieces below comprise some of the myriad tasks that have occupied Matthew in the past… Enjoy!

Think HEART Campaign ID
“Hang Out With Herbie” Identity
2014 Digital Cutout Spectacle Cards
“Brighthearts” Teen Engagement Events Identity
Matthew Faulder Bow Tie Graphic

Bespoke Tailoring

Matthew designs exclusively for his clients. He would never indulge in an extended ego trip or stylistic wigout.

Clients can look forward to a speedy turnaround and as much or little collaboration as they desire.

Matthew Faulder Specs Graphic

Genuine Geekery

Matthew holds real qualifications in vision science and full membership of the British Psychological Society.

He can confidently give you a scholarly explanation on why something tickles those eyeballs.

Matthew Faulder Extras Graphic

Unexpected Extras

Matthew has a broad hinterland meaning that he can offer significantly more to a project than your garden-variety designer.

He’s always happy to fill in any of your creative blanks.